At Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions we strive to provide each medical practice with the power to be successful. We know that claim processing is the economic life -blood of a medical practice. At Dynamic we are committed to increasing your revenue and reducing your overhead. Consider us an extension of your office, a part of your team, working diligently to impact your bottom line.

We are powered by Claim Fusion™, the leading claim scrubbing and billing software that has a PROVEN track record of increasing practice cash flows. We are more than just another billing company. We have combined the most robust, intuitive claim scrubbing and billing software with an incredibly experienced billing team, providing you with the BEST Medical Billing Service available on the market today.

Our billing and related services are grounded in data analysis giving you a complete and powerful perspective on the business of your medical practice. With our easy to use customizable reporting engine we are able to provide you with the information you need to make the right business decisions for your practice.

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Mr. Saber

Mr. Saber brings over twenty years of successful experience as a senior executive in the Health Care, Technology, Customer Service and Software Development Industries.

Currently he serves as Chairman of SW HealthCare Solutions LLC, whose portfolio consists of Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions LLC., DataNet Solutions LLC and Medication Advocate LLC.

Dynamic Physician Solutions LLC is a provider of ‘best-in class’ “On-Shore” based Revenue Cycle Management Services (RCM) encompassing an industry leading 98% AR receipts under 90 days; Denials of less than 3% Vs industry standard denials of 15% (AMA Study) and 99% First Pass Submittal (FPS) Claim Submittal rates with our own cloud based proprietary Practice Management (PM) Software for claims processing, submittal and adjudication, Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification with over 1,200 payers and 5,800 payer IDs.

Mr. Saber has raised over $30 million of capital in his successful turn-around endeavors. Mr. Saber was the Managing Director of The TRG Group and CEO of Willow CSN Inc. (Arise,com), the largest virtual call center company in the U.S., where he grew the company from 250 virtual agents to 3,500 virtual agents in fourteen months, working from their home offices handling in-bound calls for some of the world’s leading brands.

Mr. Ranjan Wadhwa

Mr. Ranjan Wadhwa Is an entrepreneur and an investor in both Technology & Real Estate investments. Ranjan, sees setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. He finds a creative solution to a problem and is a strong leader and a team player. Ranjan is a business partner and also serves on the Board of Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions.

Ms. Denise Jarnagin, M.S.

Ms. Denise Jarnagin, M.S. Is responsible for Operations and Business Development. Denise has cultivated an engaged, experienced billing team that consistently provides extremely valuable feedback and recommendations to our physician clients, allowing them to maximize the return on the services they provide. Denise and her team provide each of our physician clients a unique high-touch, high-level analysis of the physician’s medical billing. Our level of service/analysis, together with our proprietary billing and claim scrubbing software, is what Denise considers our “secret sauce” and is exactly what makes Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions the best revenue cycle management company available on the market today.