Can you really improve my collections, and if so, how?

Absolutely! Currently, all of our clients have seen an increase in their collections since outsourcing their billing to Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions. Due to recurring errors or flawed procedures in the billing process, collections suffer. We proactively analyze your business and billing processes and find problem areas that need improvement. We provide you with feedback and recommendations to solve these problem areas, which always lead to increased collections.

Won’t I lose control over my billing if I outsource?

Absolutely not! You will have better control than you ever had. Our reports are clear and comprehensive to include a “snapshot” of your monthly billing. Also, we believe in complete transparency. Meaning everything we know about your account, you know about your account. You can access your account 24/7 at no additional cost and see moment to moment what is going on with your billing. You will also have the ability to run a variety of customized reports at any time to suit your individual practice needs

Can you handle all insurances?

Yes, including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid and several others. We will also handle Secondary Insurance claims which is included in our service.

Do you transmit claims electronically?

Yes, we will file your claims electronically. We will also process paper claims when necessary.

How quickly do we get reimbursed?

The variance of payers and many outside factors make this a difficult question. However, the average turnaround in the industry is 30-45 days. We generally meet or beat the average turnaround time. Rest assured we will work diligently to get you reimbursed in the shortest amount of time possible.

How quickly can you get my billing up and running?

1-3 days if necessary. We will need your patient demographic information and your insurance provider numbers. But that’s it! Within a week you are up and running. If you are a new practice and have not been contracted and credentialed with the insurance companies it will take longer. We provide a full service to help new practitioners with this process.

How do we get our existing patient data to you?

You can scan them in on your computer and automatically upload them to our file server. You can scan them into a PDF file and email the information directly to us. You can fax the information over to your dedicated billing specialist team. We can create a secure login to your system to retrieve your information. Since we are highly flexible, you and your account manager may decide on an option that works best for your practice. If the need should arise for additional information for a claim to be processed, Dynamic will contact your staff.

Do you send out patient bills?

Yes, we send out patient statements at the close of each month.

Do you handle patient inquiries?

Yes. Your staff should send all billing–related questions directly to us.

Do you follow-up on unpaid claims?

Absolutely! Our system has the capability of tracking all unpaid claims. We follow-up and track ALL unpaid claims by making any necessary corrections as well as communicate with your office staff for additional information in order for these claims to be paid.

What is your turnover rate for your staff?

Minimal. We have a highly dedicated staff that brings many years of experience. Because we take a team approach, we are not impacted when one individual has to leave for vacation, illness or upward advancement in their career path with Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions.

How do I know that my patient data is secure?

We have a state of the art network in our operations center that backs up all client data several times per day. We house our servers and data in a data center with 24/7 security. All servers are behind lock and key with access being limited to only approved personnel. Our staff is required to sign confidentiality agreements and we do not give out information over the phone to anyone but patients, or responsible parties. We use strict password policies and our server is protected by firewall and antivirus software.

Will I have a dedicated billing specialist to my account?

Yes. You will have a specific account manager dedicated to your account, which will give you one point of contact for any communication you may need. Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions utilizes a management billing approach. Your account will be handled by an account manager that will manage your account A-Z.

How often are my claims processed?

Within 24 hours of receipt we will prepare your claims for processing.

Where does my money go?

All checks and payments go directly to your office or lock box address for added security. All we need is a copy of the checks and patient’s explanation of benefits for posting payments to patient accounts. We do not handle any live checks,
cash or credit card transmissions.

How much experience do you have with my medical specialty?

90% of billing is billing, no matter what the discipline. The 10% differences tend to be discipline specific nuances. We bridge this gap by performing a thorough analysis of your practice operations including reimbursement analysis to fully
understand the way your practice gets paid and operates.

What if I have or I am considering an EMR with a billing module already built in?

Billing modules are often very costly, both in the initial purchase as well as the costs associated with training your staff on how it functions. Once your staff has been trained and you have spent thousands of dollars in training you run the risk
of possibly losing your staff for various reasons, thus leaving you in the dark. You are often lead to believe that the billing module will process 100% of your claims using the scrubbing engine which results in a low denial rate and high collections.
When in fact, it only scrubs the easy claims and has no resources to go the extra step. Maximizing your revenue requires a skilled billing specialist to review and navigate through all of the various payers and intricacies of billing.

I’m new in my practice – How do I set my fees and will you assist in watching reimbursements?

We advise most of our clients when setting fees initially, or re-setting your fees to work from the Medicare allowed fee structure based on RVU. If you set your fee schedule too high it will have a direct impact on your contracted adjustment
and account receivables. Setting a fair and reasonable fee schedule is essential.

We will continually monitor your reimbursement rates to make sure that you are maximizing your reimbursements. We will also provide you with appropriate recommendations when deemed necessary.

How do you structure your fees?

We charge a percentage of what we collect. That’s it!

What makes Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions different from other billing firms?

Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions was “Created by a Doctor for Doctors”

  • Powered by Claim Fusion™
  • 99% First Pass Submittal Rates
  • 98% AR Collections
  • Cloud based
  • No offshore outsourcing
  • Our consultative approach to your business
  • We consider ourselves an extension of your office and part of your team
  • You get a dedicated account manager assigned to your account
  • We offer our clients complete transparency
  • Consistent comprehensive easy to read reports
  • Feedback and recommendations
  • Process your claims within 24 hours of receipt
  • Unsurpassed value at a competitive price

You owe it to yourself and to your practice to call Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions. Maximize your earning potential! Call us TODAY and see the difference!