Starting a Practice

Starting a new medical practice is a daunting task. By outsourcing your billing to the right company, you rest assured that your hard work will not be overlooked. You will have the full force of an experienced billing department that will follow up on all your claims and give you valuable feedback. It is your ability as a physician/owner to understand your medical claim reimbursement details that will then allow you to build a successful practice. In an area where your education has not prepared you, let Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions give you the tools in which you can make appropriate business decisions.

Credentialing is a critical step starting a new practice. If you are not credentialed appropriately, you will not be paid for your services for months. Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions offers credentialing services. This meticulous process requires an experienced professional and is a natural complement to our billing services.

Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions can assist you through the billing and credentialing processes, so that this segment of your business will run efficiently and successfully. Having your billing and revenue cycle on track is key to a successful practice.

We strive to provide each medical practice with the power to be successful. We are committed to increasing your revenue and reducing your overhead.

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Established Practice

Whether you are currently outsourcing your medical billing or doing it in-house, Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions can help.

Our objective is three fold:

  1. Improve the percentage of claims collected - 98% AR collections
  2. Provide useful customizable billing reports to allow you to see how your business is running
  3. Consistency in the billing process

Within the first 30 days, we will be able to identify any existing problems currently present in your billing processes and correct them immediately. During the following 3-6 months we will be able to decipher subtle inefficiencies in your billing processes and give you feedback and recommendations in order to correct these inefficiencies. And through out the entire process, your collection information will be available in the cloud with 24/7 access providing you with total transparency. Consider us an extension of your office that is a well-oiled machine having your practice back in the black in record time.

Our clients see a significant increase (10 to 35%) in their collections since using our services. At Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions we strive to provide each medical practice with the power to be successful. We are committed to increasing your revenue and reducing your overhead.

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Billing Solution Now

I need a billing solution NOW!

It is easy for a medical practice to find itself in a situation where it needs an immediate solution for medical billing. Perhaps one of the following has happened to your practice:

  • Your key billing employees have walked out
  • Your billing service has not submitted any of your claims in two weeks
  • The reports you receive are either useless or non-existent
  • You are the only one who seems to care about your collections.

Unless you do something quick, you know your cash flow will plummet.

We have great news! Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions will meet your immediate billing need and successfully head off any current problems. We can have you up and running in no time. In most cases, it will take less than a week between becoming our new client and submitting your first claims. And you will not have to sacrifice quality for speed.

  • 90% or more of our clients claims are paid within 15 to 30 days
  • 99% First Pass Submittal Rate with a 98% collection rate
  • Our clients have days in A/R of less than 45

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