Created by a Doctor for Doctors

Dear Colleagues,

As a physician in private practice I know that one of the greatest challenges facing us is getting paid for what we do. There was no class in medical school and no rotation in residency that addressed this challenge. Like many of you, I have suffered a number of misadventures when it comes to my billing. I have tried it both ways- outsourced and in-house. I was constantly bombarded by billing services that promised the moon and the stars but just ended up leaving me in the dark. The in-house choice is fraught with significant overhead and all of the HR issues that I would just as soon forget. My solution was Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions. I gathered dedicated, effective and knowledgeable people and embarked on our simple mission:

At Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions our mission is to provide each medical practice with high-quality, efficient billing, with consistent vital feedback to ensure maximum reimbursements for the services they provide.

We achieve our mission by focusing on two vital components of a successful medical practice- money and knowledge. We will work to get you paid for everything that you do and we will give you the information you need to make sound judgments about your practice.

I believe that Dynamic is providing a vital service from a unique viewpoint- the physicians viewpoint. Our services are grounded in data analysis giving you a complete and powerful perspective on the business of your medical practice.

Dynamic is more than just a name; it describes our approach to what we do. Since insurance companies like to keep the target always moving, we constantly analyze and communicate with you to ensure that you are maximizing your reimbursement potential.

You owe it to yourself and your medical practice to have your billing be efficient and successful; getting you the maximum return on the services you provide.


Michelle D. Welch, M.D.
Medical Director