Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions
Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions

why our rcm service gets you paid more, faster!

Responsiveness - Key Metrics

Monthly Feedback and Recommendations

Denial Management and Benchmarking

Electronic Claims Submission

  • Claims are submitted electronically within 24  hours of receipt. All clean claims are paid within 15-30 days, and in some cases earlier. The remaining AR of 20% is settled within 45 days.  Secondary & Tertiary claims may go over the 45 days.
  • Real collection percentage is 98% of charges to dollars collected.

Paper Claim Submission & Secondaries

  • We will process paper claims for those payers who do not have the capability of processing claims electronically. We will also process all claims to secondary payers.

Patient Statements

  • Monthly statements are mailed out for each account with a deductible or patient responsibility balance.
  • Payments and Posting

Billing Inquiries

  • We handle all patient inquiries about their medical statement. Patient billing inquiries can be very time consuming for your office staff. Rest assured that our U.S. based staff will take the time to answer any and all questions regarding your patient’s statement in a prompt and courteous manner.

Denial Management and Benchmarking

Monthly Feedback and Recommendations

Denial Management and Benchmarking

  • Denial Management and Benchmarking is the Dynamic way of enhancing your practice revenue cycle. Your denial EOB will be proactively reviewed to identify errors and missed revenue opportunities
  • Significant denial patterns and payer payment variances will be tracked and suggestions for improvement will be offered.
  • Reports will summarize the total dollar amount of denied claims along with the reason for denial.
  • Each EOB is analyzed for appropriate payments and are posted to the proper claim. You will receive comprehensive monthly reports reflecting all transactions
  • We process up to 3 appeals with payers at no cost
  • Soft collections will be processed through phone Phone calls and mailing letters.

Monthly Feedback and Recommendations

Monthly Feedback and Recommendations

Monthly Feedback and Recommendations

  • At the end of every month we will provide monthly feedback and recommendations to maximize your collections.

  • We believe in complete transparency
  • Access your account at any time on-line
  • View real time status of your claims and denials
  • Access to a variety of reports as well as having the capability of customizing your reports
  • Follow up on unpaid insurance claims, denials and outstanding patient balances


What makes us better?

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

  • Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions was “Created by a Doctor for Doctors”
  • Powered by our own proprietary  claim adjudication software - ClaimFusion™
  • 98% First Pass Submittal Rates
  • 98% AR Collections
  • Cloud based
  • No outsourcing of services offshore
  • Our consultative approach for your business
  • We consider ourselves an extension of your office and part of your team
  • We offer our clients complete transparency
  • Comprehensive easy to read reports
  • Regular feedback and recommendations
  • Outstanding value at a competitive price

You owe it to yourself and to your practice to call Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions. 

Maximize your earning potential! Call us TODAY and see the difference!

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

  • Billing modules are often very costly, both in the initial purchase as well as the costs associated with training your staff on how it functions. 
  • Once your staff has been trained and you have spent thousands of dollars in training you run the risk of possibly losing your staff for various reasons, thus leaving you in the dark. 
  • You are often led to believe that the billing module will process 100% of your claims using the scrubbing engine which results in a low denial rate and high collections
  • When in fact, it only scrubs the "clean claims"  and has no resources to go the extra steps. 

Maximizing your revenue requires two key components

  1. Claim Adjudication Software 
  2. Auto alerts on 'short pays' and denials for the biller to focus and work to completion immediately

Can you really improve my collections, and if so, how?

What if I have or I am considering an EHR with a billing module already built in?

Can you really improve my collections, and if so, how?

Absolutely! Currently, all of our clients have seen an increase in their collections since outsourcing their billing to Dynamic Physician Billing Solutions. 

  • We proactively analyze your business and billing processes and find problem areas that can be improved.  

  • We provide you with feedback and recommendations to solve these problem areas, which always lead to increased collections.

Will I lose control over my billing if I outsource?

Absolutely not! You will have better control than you ever had. 

  • Our reports are clear and comprehensive to include a “snapshot” of your monthly billing. 
  • We believe in complete transparency. 
  • You can access your account 24/7 at no additional cost and see moment to moment what is going on with your billing. 

medical Claim ADJUDICATION Software

ClaimFusion™ is our proprietary and sophisticated Claim Adjudication Software on a powerful payer platform. 

A growing number of healthcare payers are seeking to centralize and automate their claims processing. Healthcare payer organizations are increasingly aware that leveraging automated claims adjudication software is the key step they can take to process claims with sufficient speed and accuracy so you can reduce or eliminate duplication errors for an accelerated ROI.

ClaimFusion™ components include:

  • Check and verify real-time patient insurance eligibility verification with payers
  • A rules-based engine to automate and provide a powerful billing and claim adjudication application
  • Easy and accurate charge capture
  • Centralized and comprehensive A/R management
  • Intuitive and easy to understand billing analytics & reports
  • Best claims software platform for billers and billing companies
  • Additionally, ClaimFusion™ allows us to define and enter specific contracted rates by each CPT code for your facility. This is important because it ensures that any 'short-pays' by payers (settlement amounts less than the contracted rates) are immediately flagged by the software and worked immediately by the billers. A feature no other EHR offers.. This is a huge advantage to our clients in ensuring higher collections and reducing 'short-pays'.

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ClaimFusion™ was DESIGNED by Medical BILLERS for billers

ClaimFusion™ was built with the biller’s daily workflow in mind.  As a medical biller, your day is filled with much more than submitting claims to insurance companies. 

ClaimFusion™ tools to make your workflow with practices more efficient. Freeing you to focus on maximizing reimbursements, while your practices concentrate on delivering quality care.

A typical day includes:

  • Revenue Management Activities
  • Claim Submissions and Review
  • Coding & Insurance Verifications
  • Payment Processing
  • Communications with your clients 
  • Reporting and so much more.  

Learn why ClaimFusion™ is the best billing software platform for billers and how it can help improve your efficiency by up to 20%.  It will streamline your daily tasks, so you can focus on optimizing revenue for the practice.

See what other billers are saying about our ClaimFusion™ billing software, in the testimonials section.